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" I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady. "

" We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. "

- Carlos Castañeda  (via likeafieldmouse)

Have you ever wondered where books come from?


Well then, let me show you, because that’s what I do for a living.

Right now, it’s this time of the year, and the little ones have just freshly hatched:


You’ll notice they’re still blind and naked when they hatch. So I make them little coats to keep them warm…





Fudge recipe on a headstone

I feel like I should make this just to be able to say a dead person taught me how to make it. Maybe I’ll do it for Halloween.

I desperately hope that she spent her entire life telling people that they could have her fudge recipe “over my dead body.”

That last comment is absolutely worth reblogging.

" The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep. "

- (via lillyfelizitas)

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.  A l l  S e e i n g .

What is the difference? I asked him. Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?
One is a choice, and one is not.

- Tarryn Fisher (in Mud Vein)

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a 100% accurate map of north america as drawn by a canadian